Wildlife Control Operator Near MeWildlife Control Operators Network (WCON) is first and foremost a directory-type of site for aiding customers in need of an animal removal expert wherever they live.  When bats are in the attic, WCON serves to point the customer to a reputable service provides who can remove the bats efficiently and safely while following proper protocols .

Wildlife Control Operators, commonly known to the industry as WCO’s have resources on this site for training, a forum that is not open to the public where issues, and trapping strategies can be openly discussed.  The forum is a valuable too for sharing the knowledge gained with years of experience to newer WCO’s as well as a great place to share new ideas and products to make everyone’s job more efficient and/or safer in the real world.

For advertising opportunities on WCON, such as to sponsor a page for your city, county, or a particular animal, email wcon.team@gmail.com.  We have very affordable rates, and a dedicated team that will custom-curate content for you.