What is WCON?

WCON, pronounced as “why-con” stands for Wildlife Control Operators Network.

I have an animal control problem.  Who do I contact to help me?

We have put together a way to get a hold of a reputable Wildlife Control Operators near you on this site.  Navigate to our animal removal service area page, or to the animal you’re in need of removing.  Pages are sponsored by companies in your area who can help.  You can also fill out a form on our site, and we will see to it that you are helped as soon as possible.

I am a Wildlife Control Operator.  How do I get my business / service on your site?

Please call (574) 529-0428 or email wcon.team@gmail.com.  Each city, county, and animal page on this site can be targeted to reach customers in your service area.  You can sponsor individual cities, counties, or animals.  If you service a city not listed specifically, we can custom-create a page for your city.

I am a Wildlife Control Operator. How do I sign up for the forum?

Navigate to the forum page.  There is a simple sign-up process, and once we verify you’re a WCO, you will be approved to join the growing WCON Forum.