Bat removal - get bats outBats! Get rid of bats in your house, attic, walls, and ceilings.

Many times people don’t know they have bats in the attic until they see on flying around inside the house. The truth is that a colony of bats in the attic could go undetected for some time. Once you think you have bats in the house, you’ll probably be hearing noises in the attic, or fluttering in the walls and chimney.

Signs of bats in the house:

  • Strong odor from guano (bat droppings) and bat urine
  • Fluttering sounds in the walls and ceiling
  • Piles of droppings in the attic on the insulation
  • Lots of bats swarming around the house

How the professionals will get rid of bats in your house

  • Bat removal pros will conduct a thorough inspection of the building, possibly at dusk, watching for bats entering and exiting the structure. They will find the gaps in construction that can be as small as 3/8″ in diameter where bats can get in and out.
  • Examination of the bats from inside the attic is needed at this time as well to determine the kind of bats and whether they are currently breeding and raising young.
  • Construction gaps that aren’t the main entrance / exit points will be sealed up using caulking and flashing as needed, while leaving the main entrance / exit open to bat traffic for now.
  • Proper bat exclusion technique at this point is to install one-way traffic valves or funnels so the remaining bats inside can get out, but won’t be able to get back in. This step is done only if there aren’t flightless young in the building. If there are young, any reputable company that follows the law will suggest waiting until birthing season is concluded before excluding the bats.
  • After several days of bat exclusion by the funneling, the last of the construction gaps will be filled and no more bats can get into the building

Clean-up of Guano and remediation of attic space

Due to the long list of health risks as well as the horrible odors from guano and bat urine, most animal removal companies specializing in bats will do attic remediation once exclusion is completed. This includes clean-up of guano and removal of any contaminated insulation. Once this is complete some companies go the extra mile and spay anti-microbial solutions and blow in new insulation.